Channel API from Despatch Cloud

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Despatch Cloud is a market-leading innovator in multi-channel warehouse management with a core focus on eCommerce. Having more than ten years of experience working with third-party logistics and eCommerce sellers, we know what matters to businesses with a warehouse operation.

Despatch Cloud, in fact, shares facilities with a group of companies encompassing a 250,000 sqft warehouse based in the market town of Driffield, East Yorkshire where Despatch Cloud gets to see on a day to day basis the challenges faced in this continually evolving arena. Having access to such a warehouse means Despatch Cloud can run live tests of our new innovations in real-time to make sure they are fit for purpose as well as using the facility as a showcase of our platform.

Channel API from Despatch Cloud was developed on the back of client feedback, our sales team would have meetings with clients who loved what we did but couldn’t really make it fit their business, usually because they did not require a full warehouse management system but really wanted just one or two key parts of what we offered.

Three themes kept arising in these conversations and they led Despatch Cloud to the creation of CourierAPI, ChannelAPI and BillingAPI: three new web services built on the back of our tried and tested infrastructure. These three web services allow businesses to connect to our system in a way that provides them with access to only what they need without paying for what they don’t.

With ChannelAPI businesses only need to connect to ChannelAPI once and then have access to the full range of eCommerce platforms and marketplaces ChannelAPI has available via one simple standardised JSON format with easy to follow documentation, code samples and as much hands-on phone or email support as your developers require.

ChannelAPI also comes packed with additional business benefits, not just the obvious ones like removing the requirement of your business having to build and maintain each channel integration but also benefits such as webhook support to reduce server load, product mapping to support none matching channel SKUs and full support for kitting. of .

In addition to this, ChannelAPI has been built with data security in mind to ensure all channel account credentials and customer personally identifiable information (PII) is fully encrypted with AES-256 encryption as standard meeting the contractual requirements of all eCommerce platforms and marketplaces ChannelAPI is integrated with.

Despatch Cloud adds on average one new eCommerce platform and/or marketplace per month to ChannelAPI with client needs and requests at the forefront of that development. So, if you are interested in using ChannelAPI but do not see the channel you work with on our channel list, please contact us as we may just add it for you.